I decided to start this blog to try and share as much information about Acne and skin care in general.

I am 23 and have been battling acne for most of my life. I started having acne around 13 and only about a year now have i really gotten a handle on my acne and skin problems in general. I, like most people with acne, tried everything you canpossible think of in hopes of getting some results.

As anyone with acne will tell you, it takes over your life. It determine when you go out, when you see people. In some cases it even determine when you go to work, as was the case with me.

I started working for ROYAL CARIBBEAN about a year ago. I work on FREEDOM OF THE SEAS. When I first started working I became friends with a dancer named Jonathan. At this time I was still struggling with really bad acne. My friend advised me to try an acne product that he seemed to have had some experience with.


The product is called CLEAR SKIN MAX.

When my friend first recommended the product to me he was very adamant that I give it a try. I must say I was very skeptical about trying the product. In my mind I thought it would just end up like everything else I tried. The thing is when you are working in such an isolated place as a cruise ship where you are in constant contact with thousands of people, it just seems like your acne problem screams out ten times louder. I was frustrated. My friend went online and ordered me the treatment kit.

The following week I started using the product. About two weeks after using the product, I remember how stunned I was at the results, my acne was about 30% cleared. At that point I started researching the product online to see what the product was made of. That’s when stuff like TEA TREE OIL, BLADDERWRACK EXTRACT, CHAMOMILE EXTRACT started popping. I will be talking about these product in future posts, however just keep youy mind on the TEA TREE OIL ingredient for now.

Now about one year after I started using this these products, I havebeen practically acne free for about seven months. For this reason I always recommend Tea Tree Oil acne treatment system to anyone I know.


I know how skepetical you can be towards trying something new when everything esle failed you before, I know how that feels. I was one that person at one time. However, I greatly urge you to give this product a try, you will be amazed at how well this product works. It’s just great, its not just a tempory fix, its designed to be a everyday skin care kit.

If any decides to give this product a try, please, after two weeks come back here and tell me how it worked for you.

In the coming weeks I will be posting additional topics for over all skin cared, especially on acne. I want this blog to be some where anyone with acne can come and get some amount of help. From anyone with ligh to moderate to severe acne as well as other skin problems.



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